Oh man, another Greek word. This one I know well. You see my story is deeply intertwined with this word. It’s the Greek word for sexual immorality, or sexual idolatry. We call it pornography. And it’s everywhere. Not just in stores on the other side of town, not just on the magazine rack at the gas stations, and it’s more than just on the internet. Pornography has infiltrated the core of our hearts and strips us of the true love meant for us with God. Satan has slowly sold the idea of pornography to human kind. You see, it’s more than images on the internet or in books or in stores, it’s broken hearts and broken lives and battered and beaten women and children. It’s families that have grow distant, husbands that have emotionally deserted their wives and vice versa, it’s the death of true passion. The guilt associated with this sin can be so great that it can completely destroy one’s pursuit of God and His Holiness. That happened to me. Too many dark days were spent participating in this destructive, heart killing, and soul sucking sin. I forgot what God looked like, I forgot what true love meant, I learned how to lie so well that I had fooled myself into thinking I was NOT doing that. What? How could I convince myself of that? I did. Thanks be to God that He has cancelled my record of debt, being nailed to the cross of Jesus of Nazareth (Colossians 2:14). My desire, my renewed passion, my heavy heart now prays and yearns for the purity of Christ’s body of believers. How much is God holding back from us because of unwillingness to depart from immorality? We can no longer have a watered down definition of sexual sin, we MUST not substitute a human definition for God’s. Porneia. It’s everywhere. But so is God’s love, and we must choose His love, or perish without it.


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