“R U 4GOD?”

This past week I saw a very nice car at school. Black. Clean. Expensive. It was a Bentley. I don’t know much about these guys except they are fancy and not cheap to own. So first reaction? Cool, nice car. Second reaction? Wait! Who can afford this car?!? Seriously! It was parked in the faculty/staff lot and I kept thinking “you have to be joking.” Last observation? License plate: “R U 4GOD?” Yep, that was it. I so wanted to take a piece of paper out from my backpack and write a note to leave on their windshield that read, “Are YOU?” That would show them their hypocrisy! Who do they think they are parading their money around with God at the same time? Man, I was feeling righteous and I was feeling just in that moment. If I could send that message, then this person would know how I feel. I did not stop and write that note out, but instead continued to walk on and marinate a little more on those thoughts. After sinking in, this thought came to me: “Maybe the person who drives that car donated the money that gave me my scholarship and countless others.” Despite the medium for the message, I had to ask “Am I 4 God?” At that point, I was not. Holy Father, forgive me for my judgment of others. You have graciously judged my sin at the cross of Jesus, and I have no right to parade around in my prideful, self righteous garb any longer.


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