Rock In

Last weekend was my first experience ever with Ridgestudents’ Rock In. RI’08 was an all night, bear blasting, shocklate blast of fun. The theme? Pirates vs. Ninjas. Yes, straight from the Facebook apps to our church. The ball is in my court now. Our youth pastor, Ian and his wife Gina, have taken positions in Austin, TX with a church and camp there in town. I’ve been called to step in. Man am I scared. My biggest struggle, honestly, is to get past the “I hope they will like me so I’m gonna act super cool” mentality. Silliness really. We’ll have fun. God has moved me into this pastoral role and is shaping me, I believe, to be in this for my entire life. And I am scared beyond any fear I can otherwise have. I’m not exactly kicking and screaming, but I am nervous. I love these students and see so much potential for this ministry, but me? Yikes, I have some manning up to do real quick. First step, changing my degree plan to ThM in Pastoral Leadership. That’s minimum 4 years folks, and we won’t talk of money here, but since you brought it up, it will be a ballin’ amount of cash. God is great, oh my, so good and who am I to stand in His way.

Pirate garb
Ninja Vince

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