Johnny Cash Theology

we listened, as our professor pressed play on his ipod and stepped away from the podium. what followed was a series of songs from various artists from various times. third eye blind, black eyed peas, old hyms sung by goodness knows, and johhny. now for me, cash represents the road. represents my youthful (and  ongoing) desires of finding God in the desert. and despite many things i did along with friends that i am not proud of, i would argue that we did in fact find God there, we just didn’t know what to do with Him. and i think that’s the issue we people face in this world today. it’s not that we haven’t seen or “found” God, but it’s more so our inability to place Him in the context of our lives. we have tried, no doubt, through human means that have been twisted and perverted and eventually fail to render anything meaningful, at least nothing resembling the God of who we were attempting to reach. humans have a “need in us that only God can fill” (Augustine). so we journey to find Him. the good news is that Jesus Christ is the realization of that journey. a journey in Jesus is the right journey towards God. can finite beings know an infinite God? i don’t believe in this lifetime (or ever fully) we will, but it is the worthiest of endeavors to embark upon. so back to johnny. i don’t proclaim to be the greatest fan; i don’t own every album nor do i have his life story memorized. i do, however, have a story myself, a story that is told through many of the tales sung in his songs. actually, much of my story was an attempt to recreate the stories told through cash, and in doing so was able to experience my own life songs. over all, class was good today. very good.


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