A New Law

it’s amazing how easliy we want to make rules for ourselves. rules are good, they establish boundaries that must be observed for the good and safety of human beings. but why do we want to continue making rules that draw us away from spirituality? i attend a men’s accountability group every saturday morning and we ask each other questions in order to confront issues regarding to purity. what a wonderful group it has been. but it was revealed today that some follow the letter of the law when it comes to the questions. meaning? they only address the exact way the questioned is posed, not the meaning and spirit behind what it’s saying. today, we STILL continue to do so with the bible. what can we do and not do in order to establish ourselves as right with God. this only serves to detach us from God to the greatest extent possible. spirituality vs. law. i choose spirituality. i give the credit of this blog’s title to derek webb’s song “a new law.”


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