Shoot the Wolves

2008-02-15-wolfToday I heard a message from Mark Driscoll. It gave me courage and confidence. Two points that hit me: a) feed the sheep and b) shoot the wolves. Jesus shot the wolves. He shot those who sought to spiritually destroy people’s hearts (Matthew 5:7-9). Paul most defintely shot the wolves. He hunted after those who preached ANYTHING besides Jesus as our ONLY means of justification (Galatians 5:12). But aren’t we to love our enemies? Yes, but Paul would say shoot in the name of love. Because you love the sheep first, you must shoot the wolves, and because you love the wolves, you must shoot the wolves. “I love you, now hold still while I shoot you.” To save them from their sin, out of love, you must shoot the wolves. God will not honor the wolves. The self-righteous, scripture-quoting, sound-doctrinal, wolves. Have I been a wolf, yes and thank the Most High God for His wonderful grace for changing my heart into a sheep. I don’t ever, EVER want to be a wolf ever again. As I progress through seminary, I want to learn how to be a sheep feeder, not a sheep killer. Oh Holy Lord, save me from the temptation of becoming a wolf. Wolves do, however, look pretty cool.


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