The Local Bride

old_church3i love the local church. i grew up in a mega-church. while i believe the church is one and the bride is precious to Christ, i feel that the mega church is stifling true growth. when i say mega-church, i mean 1000+. some would say even that number is too big. as a growing pastor, i’ve been able to witness the fruits of being a part of a local, community-minded body. to be a pastor, you must be able to interact and intimately know each one in the flock. i can’t possibly begin to imagine how that can be done when you have 1000+ faces you see every week. sure, we hire “community” or “associate” pastors in order to fill in the gaps but if that is what it comes down to, why don’t we just branch off and form a new church all together. i’m not so sure i agree with video-feed “campuses” in which the pastor preaches at one location, and is then viewed in all the other locations. how are you truly interacting in the lives of those people? please don’t mistake my words, i am truly for church growth. i pray for it everyday. but at what point does one stop being a true pastor and begin being another good speaker on a projector screen. the spiritual benefits of being inside a true community body of believers where all can grow together with a strong, biblical preaching pastor is beyond description.


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