there are at least three significant shane’s in christian culture today, and today i had the privilege of listening to one of them speak. shane claiborne is a great voice for biblical, grace centered relational community with one another. what does the love of Christ look like in today’s world? are we as the called ones living this out? are the things we are investing our time and resources in truly bringing the Kingdom glory and expressing His love to those whom He created. we are called to take up our cross in the context of community and with that group setting, much can be accomplished. here is a short list of things to evaluate:

  • insurance policies: are they necessary in a true Christ-centered community?
  • clothing and food: should these items be the main lines on our budget and while essential, how should the focus of these items look in this community context
  • living: community is best done, well, in community. eh?
  • showing God’s grace: can you outdo God in ways to show your grace? (rhetorical, you know)

of everything i’ve experienced this weekend, shane by far has been the most encouraging and challenging speaker. plus for shane: his book entitled “irrestiable revolution” is worth reading. i haven’t finished it but i like what i read, and appreciate it more hearing it’s message from the man who wrote it.


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