Mercy Me and a Disco Ball

dolly_parton_in_nashville_april_2005well we made it back from nashville, tn, unscathed by the influences of cmt, ccm, and byob. we (alex and i) absolutely loved nywc (sorry for all the abrev., dangit). it was uplifting, impacting and absolutely practical. i have half a moleskine notebook full of tids of wisdom and bits of knowledge. absolutely wonderful. yes, i was a bit cynical about the whole thing on day one (mercy me and a disco ball, yikes) but upon leaving, i felt like that thing was put together just for me. five things i learned that i plan to implement/begin work on with my students:

  • get them OUT of the church
  • get them IN to the community
  • do a cause-driven student ministry
  • the Spirit convicts, God judges, but my job is to love
  • slow, deep growth

there is so, so, so much more so if you were there or you want to hear some more of my thoughts, please get with me on this!


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