I am Second

this entry is from an email i sent earlier this week:

The past couple days, while driving to school, I have noticed a couple of billboards with the slogan “I am Second” next to a portrait of somebody. I thought maybe it was a movie of something initially, but after seeing one that had the portrait of Korn’s (rock band, not vegetable) guitar player Brian Welch who came to Christ, I knew this had to be something more.

I went home this morning and checked it out, and it’s amazing! It’s a website with various athletes, musicians, actors and others giving their testimony. “I am Second” is the the message, with Christ being the first. This is so awesome! I would much rather see this kind of Christian advertisement on the side of the road instead of one that has big red letters saying “REPENT OR PERISH” (actual billboard on I-35). Anyways, check it out at http://www.iamsecond.com and send it out to friends and family. They have “I am Second” groups that meet all around the metroplex at various churches, the closet one to us being Bent Tree Bible Fellowship. Anyways, it’s a wonderful presentation of real people sharing how they can’t live without Christ. My favorites were Josh Hamilton, Brian Welch and Nate Larkin. Take care!

Peace in Him,

Coleman Ford
Student Pastor


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