sick, and reading

six_flagsso i was feeling pretty sick yesterday and this morning, and used the time to read. i got one book finished and hopefully will have another done by tomorrow. there are a lot of items still unchecked on the to do list for school. of course, this is the first time in academic study that i have actually cared about getting everything done. seriously. tomorrow is “holiday in the park” with the students, a day at six flags over texas. i am fairly uncertain about how this event will go. i know numerous students will not be attending. possibly 5-6 will be there at the most. everyone is either out of town or has something else going on. plus i don’t really like amusment parks. and by “don’t really like” i mean terribly dislike. i’m trying hard not to use the word hate here. really hard. anyways, it’s tough to not get down by thinking it will break me away from much needed homework and reading time, but i also know it will be a good time to spend with those students who will be there tomorrow. i have a feeling God is going to place those ones in whom i know i need to spend more time with tomorrow. i just hope i have enough adults to come along. yikes.


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