Escape from Jesus Camp

jesus_camp2_1last week i viewed the documentary, jesus camp. man, if you’re a christian, you have to see this film. unfortunately, groups of christians who don’t exactly display christ-likeness are made to be the mold under which the world sees all those who profess faith in Jesus Christ. the statements by many of those in the film were not statements of love and for that, many of us who are trying to fulfill the greatest command get hijacked. i must come to the conclusion that the believers portrayed in the film are my brothers and sisters in Christ, but those in whom i find much difference. our lives must point to Christ, not politics, not selfish agendas, not militant tactics of conversion. yes, we are to go and make disciples (Matt. 28:19) but when did the commission circumvent the purpose? we make disciples to glorify Christ, not fill up conversion lists and church pews. disciple making is a long, slow growth process, not a sign-on-the-line, run and gun conversion movement. yes, God desires that all come to know Him (1 Tim. 2:3-4) but how can anyone know Him if we don’t pour our lives into others. there is a place for the street ministry, handing out tracts and talking to people, but we have got to be a people who are less concerned about the number of people we convert and talk about it like its a prize, and more about growing the Kingdom in truth and love. i pray we all escape Jesus camp and long for His kingdom. and if i ever go to a church with a cardboard george bush, i’m out.


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