Missional Living

In student ministry, we are going through the book of Acts,and specifically right now we are looking at our call to missions as believers. This is a Holy Spirit guided life that listens to the call to “go” and “tell” others about Christ. The churchy word for this is missional living. Let’s define that term first.

mis-sion-al liv-ing (n.) – an assignment or calling given to believers in Jesus Christ to share the love and transformational power of Christ in their everyday life; sometimes in contexts that seems abnormal or atypical of church missions.

Ok so missional living isn’t exactly in the dictionary, yet. But hopefully its something you can tangibly grasp and understand. We are called to always live in a way that glorifies God and points to the truth revealed in Christ with our lives. This is to be an everyday out-pour of love because of Christ who lives in us. We are to pray and be guided by the Holy Spirit to share and show the restoration possible with a relationship with Christ. Jesus came to restore and in the future, all things will be restored and redeemed. This is the hope that we seek to share with a missional lifestyle.

Last week, we looked at the story of Philip and the Ethiopian eunuch in Acts 8.26-40. I invite you to take some time to read over this wonderful picture of taking opportunities to share Christ and obey the Holy Spirit. In this passage we see Philip obeying the Spirit and being ready to share the hope within him (1 Peter 3.15). This divinely appointed time shows how God can use the obedience of his children for his glory and the salvation of other souls. Our call is to obey! There are opportunities all around us, and we are called to listen and obey. As Philip did, we are to climb into other people’s chariots and share life with them with the hopes of sharing the love of Christ. What chariots do you need to step into? It may get dirty, it may not always look “Christiany,” and you may need to cross some cultural and social lines, but to whom to you need to go and break those barriers in order to obey the Holy Spirit and share the restoration hope of Christ?1

Here are just a few more questions from last week’s discussion and invite you to write these down and marinate on the answers. Take some time to pray through these and see where the Holy Spirit may be calling you.

  • What kind of barriers exist between you and others?
  • How can you tear down some of those barriers?
  • Why do we need to reach out to others?
  • Who can you start reaching out to?

Missional living is simply the way of a Christian. We are called to do no less. We are to pray for boldness, daily, in our walk. We are called to go, guided by the Spirit, aided by the Spirit and the word of God. None of us is immune. If you are in Christ, you are to go out. Everyone’s context looks different, and in that context you are to share. We need each other in this daily fight so may we never neglect the coming together of the saints in order to build one another up and encourage each other (Hebrews 10.23-25). I pray we will obey the Spirit and grow in the love and knowledge of God’s word. May God increase your faith this week.

Peace in Him,


1. I am indebted to Michael Frost for his World Evangelization Conference lectures at Dallas Theological Seminary in March 2010 for this wonderful illustration and application.


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