A Thought on Love

“He who trusts in the Lord not because he is good to him but simply because he is good truly loves God for God’s sake and not for his own.” – Bernard of Clairvaux, On Loving God


2 thoughts on “A Thought on Love

  1. This is very deep. Actually, if you truly love someone to the max – unselfish love – you should love everything about that one. You should blindly follow and obey even if that one asks you to leave.
    Their wish is your command, no traces of regret or criticism.

    • This is what Bernard is getting at. To unselfishly love God is to love him simply for who he is, rather than for the good things he provides you.

      However God’s character is such that we don’t need to blindly follow him as you say. For those who have been changed by the Holy Spirit, our desire is to follow him because we know him. He continually draws us to himself as we draw our hearts to him (Jas. 4.8). He will never ask us to do something contrary to his character or his word as revealed in Scripture (Gal. 1.9).

      God is love (1 John 4.8, 16). The apostle also exhorts us to love by following his commands, yet this is not a burdensome task to the believer (1 John 5.3). So rather than blindly following the demands of a dictator, we willfully follow the commandments of one who loves us and showed us this love through his son Jesus Christ. This is the life of the believer, the continual drawing closer to God in love and being constantly encouraged and changed by the love that he shows to us.

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