We pray because we rely on God. We pray because he answers prayer. We pray because we have work to do. We pray because he is the one who will accomplish that work. We pray to increase our faith. We pray to further rely on the Spirit. We pray to model the life of Christ. We pray to the Father. We pray for others who are in need. We pray for those who have not come to faith. We pray for missionaries. We pray for pastors and church leaders. We pray for families. We pray for the church worldwide. We pray for the persecuted. We pray for those who lack justice. We pray for our needs. We pray to remind our souls that God is our portion and strength. We pray for the orphan and widow. We pray for our daily bread. We pray to receive forgiveness in order that we might forgive. We pray because Christ commanded us to pray. We pray because we love God.

Prayer and confession is the sweet therapy of a Christian caught in the midst of a dark and fallen world.


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