Tim Challies has recently invited readers to join him in a group reading of Joel R. Beeke and Mark Jones’  A Puritan Theology: Doctrine for Life. A rich and engaging conversation on Puritan spirituality has emerged as a result. From this has arisen a marvelous discussion on meditation and Scripture. This is perhaps the greatest hole in Christian devotion today. The key to opening the treasure of Scripture is meditation. Beeke comments:

Puritan meditation engages the mind with God’s revealed truth in order to inflame the heart with affections towards God and transform the life unto obedience. Thomas Hooker defined it like this: “Meditation is a serious intention of the mind whereby we come to search out the truth, and settle it effectually upon the heart.” The direction of our minds reveals the truest love of our hearts, and so, Hooker said, he who loves God’s Word meditates on it regularly (Ps. 119:97). Therefore, Puritan meditation is not repeating a sound, emptying the mind, or imagining physical sights and sensations, but a focused exercise of thought and faith upon the Word of God.

Christian meditation is a conscious effort to align one’s heart in line with the truth of Scripture. It is the intentional endeavor to know God more deeply by slowing down to richly engage with the Word of God. I highly recommend A Puritan Theology–just $10 for Kindle edition! Join in on reading this engaging text and check out Tim Challies’ ongoing discussion here.

HT: Tim Challies


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