Pray for Revival

Recently Bryan Chapell, Kevin DeYoung and Richard Phillips gathered together in a TGC round table discussion on the validity of praying for revival. These thoughts are truly pastoral and wonderfully biblical. Here are some summary points that impacted me.

  • There is a strong difference between revival and revivalism. One is Holy Spirit-driven and the other man-driven.
  • Revival thinking challenges the status-quo of traditionalism.
  • The goal of revival is not more bodies in the pews and bigger budgets–its the work of the Holy Spirit regenerating dead hearts in a fresh and unexpected way to glorify God.
  • A lack of revival does not mean a lack of veracity in biblical ministry. Faithfulness in ministry should be maintained whether revival comes or not.
  • Only the Holy Spirit has the power to bring people to life, therefore we should be humbled in prayer before God for revival.

See the rest of this stimulating conversation below.

Should Christians Pray for Revival? from The Gospel Coalition on Vimeo.


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