Benefits of Family Worship

Jason Helopoulos, Assistant Pastor of University Reformed Church in East Lansing, Michigan and author of A Neglected Grace: Family Worship in the Christian Home (Christian Focus, 2013), recently posted some engaging thoughts on the topic of family worship. He echoes what many families may fear when it comes to family worship:

Family worship. I know your reaction when you read those two words. I used to have the same response! Whenever that term or one like it was mentioned, I would inwardly cringe. Similar to the reaction many of us have when the word evangelism is uttered. Guilt begins to creep in, our shoulders begin to ache, and our spirits sink. We know that we don’t practice family worship as often as we should. On some days we are not sure why. On other days we have a bag of ready excuses.

He goes on to highlight the benefits of regular family worship. Worship in the home can be practiced no matter what your family looks like. A family of two should seek worship in the home just as much as a family of eight. He offers practical suggestions and emphasizes the profound spiritual blessings of regular family worship. Worship in the home gathers the family around Christ. What greater benefit can there be? He concludes with this encouragement:

There may be nothing more significant that a Christian home can do then practice daily family worship. I know that it can be hard to begin. It can feel intimidating, challenging, and even scary, but we will never regret it. We may regret the fifteen minutes we spent surfing the internet, watching a sitcom, or thumbing through a magazine, but we will never lament that same time spent in family worship.

I encourage you to take a look at the additional benefits he highlights here. Families, be encouraged to persevere in the act of worship together. Pastors and leaders, help invigorate families in your congregation towards regular family worship. The benefits are truly innumerable.

(HT: Reformation21)


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