The Holy Spirit and Christian Renewal


Wheaton College in Wheaton, Illinois recently held it’s annual Theology Conference. This year’s topic was the relationship of the Holy Spirit and renewal in the church. Here is the summary of the conference from the conference website:

New developments in global Christianity, including the spread of the Pentecostal movement, challenge Christians to renewed attention to the Spirit of God. The 2014 Wheaton Theology Conference examines the person and work of the Holy Spirit in the Christian community and in the world. The conference explores various ways that God’s Spirit searches, teaches, leads, and empowers the community of faith. With special attention to biblical and historical perspectives, the conference develops theological insights to support, educate, challenge, and encourage pastors, teachers, and informed laity.

Discussions from this conference range from early church perspectives on the Spirit, reflection on Trinitarian theology, the role of the Spirit in salvation and the role of the Spirit in interpretation. The focus on God the Holy Spirit is a much needed corrective within broader evangelicalism. I especially appreciate this conference’s embrace of diverse evangelical voices as well as the overall call to renewal and reliance upon the work of the Spirit in Christian communities. Lecture’s worth noting are Richter’s discussion of the person and work of the Spirit in Scripture, Levering’s discussion of the Spirit and the Trinity and Vanhoozer’s helpful presentation on the role of the Spirit in interpretation. Whether you are a pastor, teacher or interested in learning more about this oft-neglected (yet vitally orthodox) doctrine, this conference material has something for you. The time spent watching these lectures will not be of little value. Click the link below for links to the videos. Enjoy!

HT: Marc Cortez


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