My name is Coleman Ford. I live in Louisville, KY with my beautiful wife. I am a student at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and attend Sojourn Community Church. I also work on campus as an Advancement Ambassador and assistant to Dr. Timothy Paul Jones. I love the work I get to do both in the church and in the seminary. I have been blessed to invest my time in the life of young believers as well as help advance the great commission and the preaching of God’s word through my work at the seminary.

I am currently a student in the Church History PhD program working with Dr. Michael A.G. Haykin. My research interests lie in church history, specifically in patristic exegesis and early church doctrinal development. I am also deeply interested in spiritual disciplines and spirituality expressed throughout the history of the Christian faith.

This blog is a resource for discussions on a wide array of topics pertaining to the Christian spiritual life. My desire is to provide resources such as book reviews, articles and materials to further the church’s understanding on spirituality and the implications for the spiritual life of the church. Feel free to send me a tweet or connect with me on Facebook. If you reside in the Louisville area, send me an email and I would love to connect over coffee.